Kickstarter Lighting Projects

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Here are the editor's picks of the lighting projects funded on Can't wait to see these lamps mass-produced.

Blime Light by Alvaro Soto

Blime is a DIY Parametric light fixture that can be assembled at home and shipped flat. Because its design is parametric and fabricated with a laser cutter, Blime can be easily customizable.

Shio by Daniel MacDonald

Shio is form of lighted mineral sculpture inspired by creator's adventures in Yellowstone National Park as a child. It is a living crystal being, frozen in time, and filled with light. No two are ever the same, and every one is made by hand in Daniel's Seattle studio.

Alva - The Lightbulb Lamp by Luke Anderson

Modern LED technology and classic design come together to make a lamp that celebrates the beauty of Edison's early bulbs.

The Dome Light
by The Luna Cay Company

The Dome Light combines a 100 year old refurbished oak base with a glass dome for a classic-modern lamp that fits in almost anywhere.

Lumio by Max Gunawan

Lumio unfolds from a book into a multi-purpose portable lamp. Transform Lumio into many shapes to meet your needs!

Clyde by Amanda Williams

Clyde lights up your world with bright, colorful light. Customize his behavior with "personality modules". Arduino compatible.

Origami wood lamp series
by Anurak Suchat

This 3.5 mm thin lamp is made from special veneer. The lamp has been transformed from flat wood sheet to the 3D LED lamp. The "Arrow" lamp is designed as a task light for reading or working on any table without any glare from the light source. It comes with touch sensor switch at the base plus one USB output for smartphones. The "Loop" lamp is designed for your bedside table that is used to illuminate the room and your bed at night. The lamp can also be used as a reading lamp making it multifunctional. It comes with touch sensor switch at the base plus one USB output for smartphones.

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