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Here are our editor's picks for the home office ideas on Behance.

Cartographer's Desk

This writing/drafting desk was designed with simplicity in mind. Built out of castoff wood scraps and recycled material, this desk combines minimalistic qualities with an abandoned shipwreck sort of feel.

Work space organizing desk with multifunctional lamp

In order to maximize the usefulness of the work surface, there are two cabinets installed into tabletop. One is for electrical installation, wires and small devices, other for different office supplies or work equipment. There is also another surface installed under the worktop that allows to organize documents or laptop when one or the other is not used. Cabinet door opening on the tabletop allows you to lead laptop cables.

Multifunction lamp is used as a regular table lamp and also as storage place for different tools. Lamp shape looks like it was bent from a single pipe, but it consists of three parts, it can be combined in different direction which makes it possible to adapt the workplace to both right-handed and left-handed. It is attached to the desk by a clamp, can be easily removed and used on the other desk, its kind of substance and color accent.

Desk AN

A work space project by Monolito team, Mexico

Workspace by Beata Patasiute

This work space is created based on the people who works at home or the office that is used for several purposes. Half of the work space (the main working zone) can be hidden beneath the upper part of the desk.
This modern work place responds to all workers needs, such as privacy and extra work surface. It is also easily assembled and takes less space than the usual work space. Apart from the ergonomics advantage the "cleaning" of the work space is possible without cleaning it, and there's place for extra objects.

Adelina desk by Omar Godinez

For the lovers of your profession, the organization, and the Mexican design, came Adelina. It is a worktable inspired on the master craftsman workshop and their daily lives. Working on what one loves will always require its own pleasant space.

Margaux Keller - La Redoute Collection

Little scriban desk edited by La Redoute

Zanotta Cavour Desk

Zanotta Cavour Desk by Radikal Dezign

Claro Walnut Desk

From a naturally fallen Claro Walnut tree slab comes two pieces designed and handcrafted by Taylor Donsker Design. A centerpiece dining table and desk, the base of each design forms a unique relationship to the wood slab it supports, mimicking the edge and quietly lifting them into place. An oil finish was applied to the tabletop to maintain the feel of the wood grain, while the steel rod and plate bases received a blackening patina.

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