Top 10 Best Furniture Design on Behance

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Here are our editor's picks for the Top 10 Furniture Design on Behance.


It is a combination of flexibility, stability and gravity. The result is an individual,
convertible clearance for the small but important things in life.


Lunaire is a wall lamp with a surprising light effect, reminiscent of the phenomenon produced by eclipses. A smaller front disc containing the light source is set inside a large concave aluminium diffuser. Different effects and moods are possible depending on how the small disc is positioned with respect to the diffuser. It offers either an intense direct light, or an indirect and soft one that spreads on the wall.

Nest / Nido - multifunctional futon furniture

A futon furniture which primary function is a lounge furniture and - when the need is there – it can be transformed into a guest bed through a simple and rapid transformation.


Concept chair for meeting rooms, reception.

PicCells | Inflatable Furniture Equipment



Sofa Float

HALUZ (rocking-chair)

BLANDITO® the lazy pad

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