We’re glad to see you at Furnitio!

We are a team of people having a passion for furniture. For a long time we were surfing the Internet looking for a website that would enable us to discover, organize and share the pieces of furniture we really loved, and we failed.

So we decided to create a unique website for those who are as crazy about furniture as we are, for those who have something interesting to show, and for those who want to find pieces of furniture they dream about. That is how we came up with the idea for furnitio.com.

With the help of Furnitio you’ll be able to:

  • pin the pieces of furniture youl like in one click (Just install our “Furnitio It” button to your browser);
  • organize the items on special boards (your friends can help you);
  • follow anybody and to be followed;
  • like the pieces you find interesting;
  • comment on the picks of the others;
  • share the furniture you like;
  • read and comment blogs or start your own.

We tried our best to make Furnitio user-friendly so we simplified registration, and you can instantly register/sign in with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.

We want you to feel comfortable here, so we created an “Invite a Friend” button.

Join us to discover, organize and share the furniture you love.

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